Marketing Automation

We can help you use technology to automate components of the marketing process such as lead management, mass email distribution, marketing measurement, web analytics, social media marketing and marketing campaign management.

Businesses typically look for a marketing automation solution to:

  • Help them make informed marketing spend decisions. Marketing automation helps businesses track and analyse the return on their marketing investment, and equips them to get better business results through informed marketing decision making
  • Enhance the productivity of their marketing resources through automating repeatable processes such as lead nurturing and event triggered communications
  • Improve lead conversion through aligning sales and marketing and the lead management process
  • Engage prospective and existing customers by communicating to them with the right message at the right time.

Awigia has the expertise to partner with you for successful marketing automation system selection, process mapping, customisation and training. We can help you get the most from your marketing automation investments in a number of ways:

  • Marketing goals alignment with automation benefit assessment. This typically incorporates a marketing process review to help you determine the business case for deploying marketing automation for your organisation.
  • Marketing automation system selection
  • Marketing automation deployment project management and customisation management
  • Marketing automation usage assessment and internal adoption

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Awigia is:

  • Fresh thinking
  • A collaborative partner for your business
  • Results orientated
  • Unequivocal quality

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