Lead Management

Could you be managing your leads more effectively? Has your business got a leaky sales funnel? Is lead quality a source of contention between sales and marketing?

If you answered yes to any of the above then we will help you improve your lead conversion and grow your business.

Our ‘Lead Management’ Solutions features:

  • Lead capture. Capturing lead data is easy but capturing accurate and useful lead data is not. We will work with you to automate your data capture processes for improved data quality, reduce form bounces, and ensure the right lead gets to the right sales person at the right time.
  • Lead scoring and ranking. Using a combination of behavioural information and key qualification data such as BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline) we can help you put lead scoring criteria in place and rank your priority leads for sales follow up.
  • Lead nurturing. Following best practices in lead nurturing will significantly increase your lead conversion rate. We can help you develop a lead nurturing communications program to deliver consistent and meaningful communications with prospective customers to help engage them with your business. Through marketing communications best practice and technology platforms the lead nurturing process can be automated and left to run with limited marketing resource.
  • Sales and marketing alignment. Do Sales describe marketing “leads” as “poor quality”? Is Marketing frustrated by the lack of sales activity to follow up the “leads” passed to them? We can work with your sales and marketing teams to better align lead management across the functions and help grow your business.

Call +44 1926 623035 or email info@awigia.com to discuss how we can help you management your leads and improve lead conversion rates.


Awigia is:

  • Fresh thinking
  • A collaborative partner for your business
  • Results orientated
  • Unequivocal quality

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