Strategic Marketing

Awigia Strategic Marketing services help new and established B2B organisations clarify their marketing goals and develop their marketing strategy. A pragmatic marketing strategy is key to facilitating development of profitable marketing activities that will build your brand and support customer acquisition and retention.

Whether your business is just starting out or well established, we can help you appraise and refine your marketing goals. We will work with you to evaluate your market segments and position your business for success. Depending on your business priorities, we will create a strategic plan for establishing and managing your brand and corporate identity, acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, and creating advocates.

Awigia provides a holistic and customisable approach to marketing planning that takes into consideration the value of the planning process, as well as the delivery of the actual plan.

Strategic Marketing Services

Awigia’s Strategic Marketing Services can help you grow your business through:

  • better understanding your customers and their needs
  • identifying your most profitable customer segments
  • differentiating your business from the competition
  • positioning your business so that its benefits resonate with your target market
  • raising awareness of your business
  • establishing your business with the desired brand values
  • acquiring more customers
  • increasing the value of your current customers
  • improving the return on your current marketing investment
  • branding and corporate identity development
  • customer acquisition strategy development
  • customer retention strategy development

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Awigia is:

  • Fresh thinking
  • A collaborative partner for your business
  • Results orientated
  • Unequivocal quality

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