Content Marketing

Awigia provides customers with content that supports the marketing of their products and services, Examples of the types of the content we can asisst you with are:

Focus Offering

Case Studies

With your guidance, we can approach existing clients and produce a case study based around the benefits and success of using your product or service

These can then be used for both digital and traditional marketing material to market your product

White Papers

We can work with you to produce a white paper illustrating how your product or service fits in the market place, can show a saving compared to competitors and discuss the problems you solve for your clients

Surveys and Results

Awigia has excellent experience in running online and offline surveys for customers, ensuring the survey is targeted at the right audience. The results and findings are then analysed and can then feed back into the business learning benefits


IWe often hear that ” A picture is worth a thousand words” and in the day of the Infographic, this has never been more true. A good graphic can get more across about you and your business in a short digestible manner than traditional company brochures


If your product or service is idea based or methodology based then an E-book is an excellent way of getting across your message and enables you to guide your customers on how best to make use of your product.

Working with Awigia we can produce an Ebook that will demonstrate the best about you and your business

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Awigia is:

  • Fresh thinking
  • A collaborative partner for your business
  • Results orientated
  • Unequivocal quality

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