Chinwags take on the Interactive Brand Ecosystem

Chinwags take on the Interactive Brand Ecosystem

Mike Teasdale from Chinwag has taken another look at the Interactive Brand Ecosystem as published by Nate Elliott from Forrester last year. The Forrester report as Mike says is suggesting the website is the core of the marketing process

However in his review Mike says

I don’t see this as a one-size-fits-all approach…I want to look at how the interactive brand ecosystem works with permission marketing.

About Chinwag

Chinwag is the leading focal point for digital media practitioners in the UK and beyond.

Pulling together expertise, fact and opinion since 1996, Chinwag acts as a connecting rod for ideas and talent across the digital sector through blogs, forums and recruitment website, Chinwag Jobs.

Chinwag met with Blendology in South by South West , Austin Texas in 2012, with one of Awigia’s virtual marketing managers


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