Effective marketing tips for start-ups

Effective marketing tips for start-ups

When starting out on a new enterprise there seems to be a neve ending list of activities you should consider to promote you brand, product or service. When budgets are tight you need to know which activities will be the most cost effective and rewarding.We work with many clients who are bringing new products to market and these are some of the most effective ways to establish a presence in your market place.

  • Your website is your showroom to the world. You want customers to visit your site and begin to understand what you can offer. By writing relevant interesting content that is fresh and relevant,customers will begin to build a perception about you, the product or service you offer and whether they would like to work with you.
  • Attend networking events. Promote you and your business at networking events and shows. Talk to the promoters and try to get a speaking spot. If your finding it hard to get noticed start your own small scale event, inviting a handful of people where you can talk about your product.
  • Produce a white paper: writing a whitepaper allows your business to promote itself and be a market player. The paper can be about your market place, trends, or reporting on market research that you have conducted.
  • Write case studies: If you have a close relationship with a customer ask them to be involved in a case study. Interview them about what the problem was, what they had done to solve the issue, where they had gone for help and then how your solution solved the problem. Focus on the benefits that your business brought not only in terms of the product or service, but also in the relationship and how that helped through the process. Use the case study as a tool to talk to potential customers.
  • Share market research information: If you haven’t published your market research information, then use it to attract customers allowing them access to this reseach and findings. Give your customers a head start on their competition.
  • Write a regular newsletter aimed at you customer and investors. By providing a regular information bulletin you can keep customers up to date with what you doing, and more importantly what your doing for other customers who may be in the same market of similar.  Overtime this bulds credibility and shows how yur going from strength to strength.
  • Provide press releases on news to free PR wires. This is an easy way to get your latest news about your product or service distributed widly and wuickly. The PR wires will distribute your information around the world, and the article you have published will be viewed across the globe. Although this is not a surgical piece of marketing in the long run can bring rewards from unkown customers reaching out to you.

Other Areas You Should Consider

Some of the other effective activities you can consider are:

  • Polish you elevator and sales pitches
  • Call and meet your customers to find out what their challenges are
  • Get listed in online directores
  • Consider paying to be listed in premium listing services
  • Join and create LinkedIn Groups and begin discussion topics
  • Send out surveys to customers asking them what’s important to them

Awigia Can Help

Awigia can help your business use it’s marketing budget wisely, and maximise the return on spend, by using the best techniques and channel for your product or service. Use the contact form, email info@awigia.com or call Awigia on+44 (0) 1926 623 035 to discuss your business needs and we can put together a customised plan for you.


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