Where are those in the know going to spend more of their marketing budget in the future?

Where are those in the know going to spend more of their marketing budget in the future?

When thinking about your short, medium and long term plans on where to spend your under pressure budget, it is always worth looking at what the professionals are thinking. A recent report by Forrestor Research, (interactive Marketing Forecasts 2011-16), has looked at how much is predicted to be spent in the different interactive spend areas, and which spend area will see the most growth in spend.

Interactive Marketing Spend - 5yr Compound Growth

Why is this important to businesses?

The professional marketeers calculate which spend areas [Social Media|Email Marketing|Mobile Marketing|Display Advertising|Search Marketing] will have the biggest impact in building brand awareness, generating leads and retaining customers. The key points in this report are:

  • Mobile marketing spend will rocket.
    • Forrester suggests that by 2015 82 million people will have a tablet
    • Smartphone adoption worldwide will grow by 150%
    • People will inevitable be buying a huge amount on the mobile platforms
    • Those businesses with a smart presence in the mobile commerce space will be rewarded
  • Social media.
    • Social media marketing is relatively low cost to other forms of interactive marketing
    • Social media marketing can target your message with greater accuracy than other interactive marketing

    …and the numbers are

    Spend Area Compound Annual Growth 2011-2016
    Social Media 26%
    Mobile Marketing 38%
    Email Marketing 10%
    Display Advertising 20%
    Search Marketing 12%

Awigia Can Help

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