How CRM benefits businesses of all size

How CRM benefits businesses of all size

With recent developments in cloud computing, social media and mobile devices, it is more important, now than ever, for businesses of all size to have an effective customer relationship management strategy. The first of this three part series explains the benefits of cloud CRM.

Before the cloud, CRM systems were really only an option for large organisations due to the significant investment required to deploy and maintain them.  And, when those organisations did decide to invest, they frequently underestimated the complexities of deploying and customising them. This led to implementations that were late, over budget, and not flexible enough to meet the demands of ever changing business requirements.

Ultimately, whilst organisations understood the potential and benefits of customer relationship management, CRM systems had a pretty bad press.

All that changed with the development of CRM in “the cloud”. Cloud computing, also known as software as a service (SaaS) and “on demand”, is when IT software and services are delivered over the web and through a browser.

In addition to presenting benefits for large organisations, cloud computing makes CRM viable and hugely beneficial for companies of all size.

Cloud technology benefits for CRM solutions:

  1. Seriously fast deployment.  On average, cloud CRM solutions are deployed five times faster than traditional “on premise” solutions. Businesses can be up and running in hours and days, rather than months.
  2. Massive cost savings. Cloud CRM companies enable businesses to “pay as they go”, usually offering a number of functionality based subscription rates.  This means that companies do not need to make any up front investments, nor do they need to pay for maintenance and support.
  3. Anytime, anyplace access to all customer and business information. Cloud solutions enable you and your team to work more productively and constantly be “in touch” with customers via the latest mobile device.
  4. Flexibility and scalability. Businesses can “subscribe to” the functionality they need, and increase / decrease user licences as they need them, often with the ability to make monthly changes to their contract. Businesses can also take advantage of 1000s of third party applications developed to integrate seamlessly with CRM solutions from a number of providers.  This works just like the Apple iphone App Store.
  5. Cutting edge technology. CRM on demand solutions enable businesses to benefit from the latest technological developments without additional investment..

Part two of this series will consider social media CRM.


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